Free Yourself

20 Aug

Free yourself from Guilt.

Free yourself from Anger.

Free yourself from Resentment.

Free yourself from Insecurities.

For every thing you hold in and account for there’s a baggage. That baggage can get very heavy.  Soon it’ll start to pile up on your shoulders until you cant keep going anymore. Does this sound familiar?

  • When your day comes to leave this world, would you have lived your life the way you wanted?
  • What is holding you back?

Tomorrow is not guaranteed, but today is.

Don’t wait, put the baggage down and walk away…

make a decision that will make you feel light on you feet- change your life.

What ever it is, let it go and FREE YOURSELF.


When you are FREE you’re:








Be known as the person who lived life to the fullest not one who lived miserably.

Be the person people are intrigued and inspired to follow.

Leave your footprint in this world by touching the lives of other people with your presence.

Get closer to God, say your sorry, offer to help a stranger, stay quiet and pick your battles, help the ones that hurt you the most and see how you get rewarded 10 times more!

You have to believe in the law of reciprocation.

You have to believe that although people take, you’ll always give knowing you’ll get more in return somehow.

You have to have patience and believe that your time will come.

But NOW is the time to act and put out GOOD KARMA.




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