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Light up the Darkness

28 Aug

Why is that our children rebel & question why it is that WE dont do we are teaching them?

Actions speak louder than words never sounded so good. It is not what we say that teaches them, its who we’ve become. If we tell them to do something we’ve never done, they may listen, but won’t leave such a big impact.

Same applies in a seminar or meeting where others look up to an expert as the living example of what he or she preaches.

For those of us who feel not just there yet, look again….

If we encounter setback or find ourselves in difficult situations its because it is part of our purpose to be there.

As Joel Olsteen says: “we all have a purpose throughout our lives…to light up the darkness”.

If you are surrounded by negativity, you were put there to change that and bring positivity.

If you are surrounded by complainers and naggers its for a reason. You’ve been put there to fulfill your purpose in giving others something to be thankful and happy about.

For every bad situation theres a way to turn it around and make it good. Go ahead take advantage of it.

Im just the messenger… I love writing about things that can help others but I definately need put this into practice as well.

Erase any setback circling your mind tonight and replace it with a step you can take forward to make yourself feel better. Tomorrow youll feel great and you’ll know what step to take next! ūüôā


Free Yourself

20 Aug

Free yourself from Guilt.

Free yourself from Anger.

Free yourself from Resentment.

Free yourself from Insecurities.

For every thing you hold in and account for there’s a baggage. That baggage can get very heavy.¬† Soon it’ll start to pile up on your shoulders until you cant keep going anymore. Does this sound familiar?

  • When your day comes to leave this world, would you have lived your life the way you wanted?
  • What is holding you back?

Tomorrow is not guaranteed, but today is.

Don’t wait, put the baggage down and walk away…

make a decision that will make you feel light on you feet- change your life.

What ever it is, let it go and FREE YOURSELF.


When you are FREE you’re:








Be known as the person who lived life to the fullest not one who lived miserably.

Be the person people are intrigued and inspired to follow.

Leave your footprint in this world by touching the lives of other people with your presence.

Get closer to God, say your sorry, offer to help a stranger, stay quiet and pick your battles, help the ones that hurt you the most and see how you get rewarded 10 times more!

You have to believe in the law of reciprocation.

You have to believe that although people take, you’ll always give knowing you’ll get more in return somehow.

You have to have patience and believe that your time will come.

But NOW is the time to act and put out GOOD KARMA.



Compassion Sets You Free

6 Aug

worth reblogging!

Be A Student of Life

When you become compassionate your whole point of view changes from negative to positive no matter how much odds are against you …

Compassion is the key to forgiveness. It clears the past and makes room to start over.

When the focus goes towards seeing past a negative argument or situation , a new window of opportunity opens .

It’s about seeing the bigger picture and knowing that you are connected to someone else. We are all different but want the same- to love, be loved, & understood.

If we all see through loving eyes there is no fear of getting hurt. No need to fight or get into arguments to prove a point. There is no point to prove because all we have left is what we have to offer which can make a difference in someone’s life.

At the end of it all isn’t that what gives us…

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Planning a Good Birth Experience

24 Feb

Whether you chose a hospital, home or birth center, all pregnant women should take hypnobirthing classes!  Giving birth in peace and working with the body without fear is possible &  does exist. Every mother deserves to  have a good birthing experience, not one with pain and agony.

The Giving Birth with Pain Epidemic

As soon as everyone around me knew I was pregnant I started getting advise, stories, warnings and cautions. Even after tellign them I didn’t want to hear it if it was negative, people still ended up saying it! I’m sure there was no bad intentions, but I just couldn’t take it. I was overwhelmed but soaked in every bit of it. When I got home all those conversations flooded my head for weeks.

“You’re not getting an epidural, good luck… ”

“I didn’t feel a thing with the epidural.. the best thing I did to stop the pain”

“Its better if you have a C-Section, then pain in unbearable”…

“The doctor said my aunt needed a C section because the baby was taking too long to come out”

“My sister ¬†wasn’t dilating so she a C-section”..

Way to many women complaining and yes it scared the crap out of me at first!

I’m 7 months now and I still ¬†hear the same stories from different women, except now I just smirk and block it out. I refuse to go in unprepared and scared.¬†¬†Giving birth without screaming for an epidural or suffering doesn’t come natural. It has to be practiced on every day.

How it Important it is Choosing The Right Doctor

The type of doctor you choose is really important. Any one with a doctors degree sit there and call themselves qualified to deliver, but none of that matters if he or she isn’t involved with your progress or always bringing up what if scenarios. It takes a certain person with good positive beliefs ¬†to give you confidence to have ¬†a great birth experience.

The first doctor I picked I stayed with for the first and and half of my second trimester before realizing he wasn’t even involved like I wanted him to be. I was making the mistake of sticking by because he was close by house. He didn’t even discuss my lab and ultrasound results not once, he just said “everything came back fine”.

When I had questions he would answer them but rush through it. I felt super uncomfortable.  Not to mention the office manager had the worst attitude which set the whole mood for that office. I asked for all my blood work and ultrasound paperwork to be printed out, took them with me and never came back again.

The next day I came across one of the “Best obgyns in Mercy hospital”. He gave me a very warm greeting and sat down to discuss my blood work and ultrasounds which the other doctor failed to do. I felt a relief, but I couldn’t help but notice the condition he was in. He didn’t take very good care of himself.. very overweight, sick, ¬†just a bad physical appearance is what noticed. As I spoke to him about my concerns, he kept steering towards a C section outcome as the second option. He mentioned how if the baby stayed in there for too long after the water breaking that the baby can end up in NICU and sick for days or weeks because she could get an infection.

I sat there thinking, this doctor is too negative for me. There was no favor of natural birth. He was in favor of the hospital and reducing any liability. I felt I wouldn’t be in control. How is a woman supposed to feel after hearing that from a doctor that is supposed to be delivering her baby? How confident would that mother feel about going in without fear?

I refused to settle so I left that practice &  stood firm in my belief to find a place that offered a better way of giving birth.

Why I Chose to Water Birth

Water birth is safe and does not compromise the baby in any way unless the mother is high risk. No birthing center would recommend a water birth to a high risk pregnant mother. Hospitals over time have chosen to eliminate water birth to avoid any liability like hypothermia from the cold hospital temperature, and other events out of their control.

Giving birth in the water lowers blood pressure, lowers the baby’s heart rate, reduces the risk of tearing, relaxes muscles &¬†relieves the pain from the contractions as the baby is making its way down to crown. It replaces the epidural. As soon as the baby slips out the midwife checks for the umbilical cord to make sure its not wrapped around, and immediately gives the baby to the mother. The baby is not at risk of swallowing water at all until the baby takes the first breath of air, which would be when the midwife take her out to the mothers chest after coming out. They have the tools necessary to monitor the baby’s heart beat and figure out what position the baby is in.

I finally came across a birth center in Hollywood who made me feel the most comfortable! Their main licensed midwife was an incredible example of positive thinking and how a natural birth was possible no matter how big the baby.

She had a very natural and holistic approach- believes in a healthy simple life style

The whole team was very attentive to my needs and taking their time answering all my concerns. Best part is they believed that the mother to baby connection was priority more than anything.

I want my birth to be smooth, the only way to make it happen is to prepare for it. That is where hypnobirthing comes in.

Preparing to Water Birth through Hypnobirthing

I’ve learned that epidurals numb the pain but also make it difficult for the mother to tell how hard she has to push which may damage her walls or go against the natural uterine surges (contractions) causing the muscles to tense up and not work in sync with the body to let the baby out smoothly. Epidurals also ruin the connection that a mother could have with her baby when he or she is out because the drug will make her drowsy and possibly even knock her out.

Hypnobirthing is a form of self directed hypnosis that prepares women to breath through the the contractions and not have to push so hard to let the baby out. It teaches you what postures to always be in before birth to make sure the baby gets in the right position, how to breath through the four phases of labor.

I highly recommend: The HypnoBirthing Book!

The book includes:

  • A Relaxation CD
  • Positions for Birth
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Birth Preference Sheets
  • and much more useful information

Here’s one of many videos on HypnoBirthing. I’m 35 weeks, writing this and every time I watch these videos I tear up so much after the baby comes out! Its beautiful!


Planning Isabella’s Baby Shower

20 Feb

I tend to be a control freak, I like to take control of how everything will turn out which ¬†I though would make planning so overwhelming, but I did something that made it so much easier. After all its about budgeting and making sure you don’t add more stress from all the planning.

My baby shower is February 9, 2014.  Invites should be sent two week to a month before  the baby shower so it gives everyone time to buy gifts and make space in their schedules.

Location: I looked at my resources. If you are on a budget, I would recommend doing it at someones house to save yourself the rental fee.

Day & Time: I picked a calm day and made sure it was at a good time from 1-5pm so that guests have no issues waking up early from the night before.

Baby Registry: Best time saver is to start registries online! I was able to register to three: Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us, and Target. I did all three so that everyone can access the nearest place to them. I repeated some items on each registry as well. ¬†I chose Buy Buy baby because of the good reviews on returns and service. Only downfall is that they have limited locations. Babies R Us is well known but isn’t flexible with returns. Target has a huge selection of things!

Invites:¬†Do not spend money on printing invites! Everything is virtual now. I didn’t mail out invites unless it was to family which I couldn’t go see.¬†¬†The best time and money saver are the ones you can type up yourself and turn into a JPEG on Microsoft Powerpoint. That’s how I did mine.


In case you want pre-decorated custom made ones, Pinterest has the best ideas for themes and invites.

Also, make sure you indicate if its women only, or if every one is welcome. Most men don’t like baby showers. When you do a women’s baby shower, it saves you money and time.

Also make sure you list: the location, date, time, registries, specific directions, and phone number to RSVP.

Food: Look up fast and easy party foods online, and also look at Pinterest for ideas on affordable things to do. Make the main course meal at home or hire a local bakery/restaurant to make it for you at a low price. You could also make the food tents yourself on a word doc and print them out on card stock.

Make a list so its easier to give to someone to do if you can’t do it. Here’s what my list looks like:

Appetizers: PB&J sandwiches, Ham & Cheese Sandwiches, mini empandas, croquettes.

Food: Homemade Lasagna,  Paella, Salad.

Drinks: Sangria, Mimosas, Lemonade, & Rasberry Tea

Sweets: Candy Bar, Fruit Skewers, Fruit Cups, Cake.

Chairs & Tables:¬†renting these out can cost you depending on how many people. Its best to give yourself enough time to ask everyone you’ll be inviting if they have or know of anyone who already have chairs and tables that you can borrow; it’ll save you time and money.

Games: Ask a friend to host the games for you. There are so many idea for games online with instructions  that could save you time and money.

Decorations: I was recommended a website that is cheaper than the typical Party City. It’s They have great stuff at reasonable prices. Ill be shopping here for the lanterns ¬†and stuff you cant get locally. The rest like table clothes, plates and cups, you can get at your local dollar store.

I’ve just about summed up the most important things for planning a baby shower. If you’d like to add a suggestion in the comments below. Hope this helps any one also planning a baby shower, or anticipating one in the future. ūüôā

I had a great baby shower & I didn’t go crazy of forget anything!



 Click here for more pictures!

Compassion Sets You Free

3 Jun

When you become compassionate your whole point of view changes from negative to positive no matter how much odds are against you …

Compassion is the key to forgiveness. It clears the past and makes room to start over.

When the focus goes towards seeing past a negative argument or situation , a new window of opportunity opens .

It’s about seeing the bigger picture and knowing that you are connected to someone else. We are all different but want the same- to love, be loved, & understood.

If we all see through loving eyes there is no fear of getting hurt. No need to fight or get into arguments to prove a point. There is no point to prove because all we have left is what we have to offer which can make a difference in someone’s life.

At the end of it all isn’t that what gives us a sense of meaning in life- knowing we helped someone or contributed in someway ?

We don’t have to wait until we are 50 at mid life crisis to realize we have to give back before we go. We could start now and plant seeds so that when we reach that age we could look back and say we did it.

Up until now I could say I have not held resentment or criticized someone for being different than me. We are all unique but want the same things – to love, be loved & understood!

Body & Mind Over All

5 May

It all comes down to our body and mind. Our bodies rely on the fuel from foods we eat to operate and function well. If we take care of our bodies we’ll be able to be in a better state, less reactive to stress,

Our thoughts also affect the level of motivation we have to keep our body in shape. Just as we work our body we must work out our mental conditioning.

In my opinion losing weight by keeping the body in shape and eating clean foods all comes from that thought that tells out body that we can do it. We first have to decide to want to live better and be willing to do what it takes.

What fuels me is the frustration of getting sick from stress, bad eating habits, and not getting enough sleep – drinking coffee, going out and coming back late to only hrs 3 hrs of sleep. It’s not worth it for me.

I’ve decided that body and mind comes first and if there is time left over ill do the rest.

I don’t smoke, no longer drink socially like I used to, and haven’t touched a drink in months. i plan to keep it that way. It just makes me feel better. Maybe that’s to big a step for some of you , just lower your intake and get at least 7 hrs of sleep.

Believe me being consistent with making good decisions over 3 weeks will create an empowering habit. Our mind’s subconscious sends signals to our body to do things based on the information we’ve collected thought the day. That why it’s important to read, hear , and see things that support a healthy lifestyle.

It’s been a struggle eating clean for quite sometime . Ive managed to keep working out & when I’m working I keep good eating consistent but somehow i end up cheating once a day to break boring routine or to relieve the stress & anxiety I get from my job & all these other things that haven’t got done… I lose focus and react.

Can you relate?

I’ve gotten very frustrated and this frustration has led me to ask myself great questions which I will ask you:

You want it but do you want it bad enough?

why do you want to lose weight?

What happens if you don’t lose weight?

After talking to many people through out the weeks I’ve really convinced myself that eating clean and working out is whats really going to make me happy.

Eating right is a lifestyle its not temporary. There are tons of good tasting healthy foods and desserts out there that can be made from scratch with us having to indulge in the sugary ones.

Need energy to work long hours without having to drink coffee or red-bull?

Blend vegetables and fruits that produce energy in the morning ..
Carrots (skin detoxifier)

How much effort are you willing to put?

Look up energy boost juicing recipes..

Use natural supplants :
water weight burners- XPell
Fat burners- ON chewable amino acids, CLA’s, l- carnitine liquid .
Visit your local vitamin shoppe it GNC ask the reps. They know. ūüôā

If you’d rather get advise from a professional certified trainer or nutritionist go for it. the money spent on your health is worth it !

Keep in mind your body will detox with lots of water, supplements and clean eating. If one day you decided to eat a burger and drink beer you will be throwing the body off balance causing you to get sick & frustrated with no motivation to start over and keep going.

Detox your mind & body
Set up a good support system
Make friends and hang out with people who already live a fit and healthy lifestyle.