Light up the Darkness

28 Aug

Why is that our children rebel & question why it is that WE dont do we are teaching them?

Actions speak louder than words never sounded so good. It is not what we say that teaches them, its who we’ve become. If we tell them to do something we’ve never done, they may listen, but won’t leave such a big impact.

Same applies in a seminar or meeting where others look up to an expert as the living example of what he or she preaches.

For those of us who feel not just there yet, look again….

If we encounter setback or find ourselves in difficult situations its because it is part of our purpose to be there.

As Joel Olsteen says: “we all have a purpose throughout our lives…to light up the darkness”.

If you are surrounded by negativity, you were put there to change that and bring positivity.

If you are surrounded by complainers and naggers its for a reason. You’ve been put there to fulfill your purpose in giving others something to be thankful and happy about.

For every bad situation theres a way to turn it around and make it good. Go ahead take advantage of it.

Im just the messenger… I love writing about things that can help others but I definately need put this into practice as well.

Erase any setback circling your mind tonight and replace it with a step you can take forward to make yourself feel better. Tomorrow youll feel great and you’ll know what step to take next! 🙂


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