Love & Relationships

Love & Relationships doesn’t just apply to finding a partner… it applies also to giving love to family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, the people you come across daily.

Love is giving regardless of the outcome. Love comes from with in. Its that voice that is afraid to open up to the world. The question is… how do you view the world?

You view the world based on your experiences with people.

If you were raised around bad influence, friends, family, and places you’re view of the world would be much different than that of a person who was raised around good influence.

None the less both kinds of backgrounds come with challenges that have to be faced eventually.

In the events where we experience and  face these challenges  is when a perception of the world is built.

Your life and everything that happens to you IS your world. It won’t make a difference what else goes on around you, the only thing that will matter would be what is going on that affects you directly.

Even with the worst up bringing, people still find a way to keep moving forward. These kind of people may end up appearing either very strong in the outside but broken in the inside or if focused on the positive may be making a difference and directing the experience towards a good instead of being controlled by it.  At the same time, grudges and not being able to forgive may still exist. Walls maybe put up to avoid risking trust and going through the tough times again.

Everyone has a story of what has happened to them. The way your story is told is what determines the outcome of your actions.

But when you love, none of your past follows. When you love you start over, you’re at peace.

Love shouldn’t wait. It should be expressed.

Love is a form of caring. It shouldn’t be held back.

Love is not fragile, its free to roam forever and still be there no matter what.

Love is a spiritual feeling that connects people & things. So connect with the world. Love back with no limits.


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