Real Estate

Currently I’m working along side with my mother, Fanny Perez, who has an active Real estate license. I’m not working as a Real estate agent, I’m working as a marketing assistant. She has given me permission to help promote her listings.

She’s been a great example and mentor to me and I’m glad to be her partner!

While she handles everything having to do with the Real estate deal, I handle everything before it- the marketing.

I create the flyers, the online posts/presence to attract buyers, schedule home tours for her buyers, and organize the process to make things quicker and meet deadlines for her buyers and sellers.

If you are looking to buy a home, you can rest assured I will be helping you schedule times to go see homes you like, while Fanny shows them to you and answers any questions you have about the homes you will be visiting.

If you are looking to sell your home, you can look forward to being involved in every aspect of selling your home, from our marketing and efforts of promoting your house to escrow! You have the advantage of two professionals on your team: one that focuses on marketing to attract a buyer, and the other that focuses on getting past escrow and closing the deal!

To schedule a time to meet us in person and get something started, please fill out the form below or feel free to call me at: 305-753-4925.

Here are Fanny’s current listings:

Hialeah Gardens:

Coral Gables:

Miami Beach (Residential):

Miami Beach (Commercial):

Fill out the form below to schedule a meetup!

Wishing you the best,

Jessica Perez

License #: 3232768

Beachfront Realty

517 Arthur Godfrey Rd

Miami Beach, FL 33140

Office: (305) 534-4242


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