Health & Fitness

Nothing worth having comes easy-

that’s why I never gave up trying!

ImageIf you’re on this page you most likely know that I’m really into fitness and nutrition. What really made me get into this was out of desperation quite honestly. I was tired of feeling so over weight. It bothered me so much that I lost confidence, motivation, and I became unhappy at one point. Being overweight is also mental. If you could just show up and do things when your mind says no, its a great start.

I had gotten into a relationship straight out of high school, and in 3 years I gained 50 lbs. I remember going to my bf’s house and eating “bubba burgers” almost everyday after school.Weekends became an excuse to feed myself fast food, alcohol, and be home lazy watching my favorite shows. I never kept track of calories or watched what I ate. Soon I started unknowingly buying tights because they felt so comfortable and were lighter than jeans.

One day at the salon I got asked if I was pregnant. I was shocked and completely thrown off. I said I wasn’t and walked away feeling embarrassed. If that wasn’t enough the following days I kept getting asked that very same question!

Wearing tights, lose shirts to make my waist less noticeable, and wearing shorts at the beach to hide my out of shape legs was getting on my last nerve! I was just 21 and I had felt like I was 30. I was lazy, not motivated to work out, always thinking about food, and out of control. I couldn’t take it anymore.

Overtime I ended up buying p90. the Ab-Doer, p90X & all the equipment. Luckily I had a partner to do that with so it motivated me. Unfortunately we never really finished the 90 days. The most we got to was 60 days and it was producing results but our eating habits were still the same so it ruined momentum. The start for exercise for me was in 2011 and through out the year it was on and off.

I even tried OxyElite and HCG. Oxyelite was scary I had symptoms like dizziness and hypertension so I stopped taking it.  HCG was great while it lasted (14days). I lost 1 pound per day. It felt good but I couldn’t work out and I was on strict 500 calorie diet. One day I was just so hungry and went to a kids party. I ended up eating pasta, and pastels. I actually binged and ate like a pig!

I stopped taking it and considered going to the gym. Late 2011, I went to LA Fitness for a trial period and ended up in Planet fitness and I still go there everyday till this day.

What worked for me was learning how to cook through recopies, having gym partners, reading and studying what foods are best to shed the pounds, buying supplements and following the workout routines on I’ve been going for 4 months now & I’ve gone from a size 12 to a size 7 in 3 months  I feel strong, slim, and confident again!

My goals are to be strong enough to pull myself up in a pull-up and do at least 12 -25 reps. I also want to be fit enough to participate in Spartan races & marathons. I don’t plan on being a bodybuilder at all. My plan is to get a lean fit body and be strong enough to do any physical activity and have fun doing it.

I plan to share an e-book I took the time to write to help you all learn something. Im no fitness or health expert but I’ve gotten results. I’d like to share it with you.

Just fill in your name and email. If you already sent me yours, chances are you already have the e-book!

Write a comment and share your goals with me!

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