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I’m a self-funded individual entity who is looking to start from the ground up. I spend the majority of my spare time listening to audio tapes and educating myself with the material in my laptop. That’s as far as my resources go. I’m currently not in the position financially to get a coaching certification, start speech therapy, travel, or conduct seminars. Therefor any help with advancing my career would be greatly appreciated.

Career Goal:

I want to achieve getting a coaching certification through sponsorship by February 2013. I want to start booking speaking engagements to speak about my blog starting February 2013.

I know I will achieve this because I aspire to be a Balance coach. I have to achieve this because it will give me the reputation, credibility, and confidence i need to be able to speak to others.

If I don’t it will be tough to build my reputation and get people to believe in what I’m saying. I won’t be able to duplicate my thoughts and help others. I would be living life just to live it without meaning or leaving a footprint with purpose..

I’m well on my way because I already have:

-> Voice: Student of Life

-> Brand: Student of Life Aspiring to be a Balance Coach

-> Message: Study life. Gain Balance

Here’s my action plan:

  • Enroll in Toastmasters
  • Create Business Cards
  • Help others one on one
  • Write blog posts once a week
  • Book speaking engagements & tell my story

­­Why Invest in Coaching Services?

You should use me only when you want to change, when you are ready to think openly and try something you’ve never done. My coaching isn’t for everyone. It’s for those who are willing to do anything to achieve their goal. If you’re that person then my coaching may be for you. When you do use me I won’t give you answers, I’ll just open your mind to think of things that you didn’t think of before so that you can create your own answers, make a wiser decision and empower yourself. I don’t just motivate you temporary, I help you create something worth aiming for long term. Whatever it is, my goal is to help you achieve balance in your life. Help you implement goals that align with your values so that you can achieve happiness and fulfillment.

We are all strong; the most successful people have coaches. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Life doesn’t come with a manual, and we don’t all get the right guidance. Life coaching is for the people who want to improve and be at their best.

Coaching is very complex and requires a lot of thought and energy put in to be effective…That in itself is worth any amount of money.

I will be coaching on achieving balance. We’ll sit down and pick 5 of your most important values and create a plan that satisfies those values long term. Values can revolve around Career, Love, Finances, spirituality, family, adventure, etc.

Why You Should Sponsor Me

Niche: young ambitious women, this generation, young entrepreneurs-ages 23-30.

My story

I’m different from others because I feel that I have experienced struggles in all 5 areas of life: health, career, relationships, fun/adventure, money, and growth. That is how I came up with the concept student of life. These experiences led to many frustrations, challenges, which pushed me to act out of desperation and study how to improve and help others.

I experienced low self -esteem, rejection, a long relationship, starting a business with my partner, working & studying full time, career instability, dropping out of college, gaining weight at a really early age, dealing with a divorce, a family member with drug problems, and supporting my brother so that he doesn’t go the wrong path.


Because I attached the illusion of happiness & love to my relationship it was easy for me to let go and stop maintaining myself. I associated love to food and indulged in eating anything I wanted because I was happy. This so called happiness made me gain 50lbs in one year and did realize how heavy I was until I got a wake-up call one day when someone at a salon asked me if I was pregnant.  I acted out of desperation once more and thought a year I purchased a $200 weight loss program, then p90x then a gym membership which was successful. I didn’t stop or give up. I lost 30lbs in 6 months and wrote a mini book on how I did it and shared it many people on social media.  Here is where you can get access to it: https://beastudentoflife.wordpress.com/health-fitness/


Along with gaining weight and dealing with personal issues, I changed my career four times within a 5 year period. The reason why was because there was always something in each job that I wasn’t satisfied with. It mostly came from the insecurities and low self-esteem I had. It took 5 years to figure out the consistent habit I had built up throughout each job which was my focus on personal development; analyzing and question human behavior, reading books and listening to audio tapes about how to keep a positive and optimistic mindset through the toughest tomes. I learned that my instability was only a result of me wanting a more fulfilling career. I’d like to help guide others in picking something they are passionate about so that they too can be happy and fulfilled.


When I got into my relationship it was at age 17. A year later straight out of high school I moved in with my partner. Experiencing a 5 year relationship which didn’t last really helped me realize that the problem was me. I wasn’t happy with myself , my partner depended on my support and motivation when I couldn’t even do that for myself. Out of wanting to avoid being selfish I started focusing too much attention on him and forgot about myself.  I stopped talking to my friends at one point even judged them which made me almost lose their friendship. My father divorced my mother, which forced me to be messenger and stay in the middle trying to keep the peace. At one point I was even struggling trying to help someone close to me in denial with their drug addiction without getting them mad.

All these relationships taught me what not to do how to separate work from the relationship when working together, how to be humble and support not criticize an judge others, how to show love to be loved, keep the passion and spark going by trying new things, how to get to the root of the argument so that it doesn’t repeat itself in the future, how to fill up the love tank in the way each partner prefers, and how to communicate doubts and not bottle them up to avoid arguments.


I had a job but lived paycheck to paycheck. At one point I took a risk that backfired. I traded my jewelry in for cash to help fund a business that closed down after me and my ex split up. I even sold my car to invest into it. The business only lasted a good year and didn’t make any profit. Now I know what to do before I leap into starting a business, I learned to build replicated systems to be able to leverage time and direct focus on creating and innovating and I’d like to one day consult others in doing the same so that they can make wise investments.


Getting into a relationship at a young age helped me mature but it also came with new challenges.  I sacrificed freedom, vacation, and a social life only to stay home and save money so that I can grow my business with my ex -partner. I was still a young girl with no direction or plan and I wasn’t able to overcome creating balance at the time. I wasn’t able to focus on adding spark to the relationship or dedicate time to myself and be happy.

I’ve learned to always make time for fun, take a break, and keep balance between work and pleasure& I’d like to pass this on to everyone so they too can work hard and play harder. Pay themselves first and not just work without having fun.


Growth to me is contributing & overcoming fears. I was so busy focusing on growing a business; I wasn’t able to focus on contributing or facing my fears. I did study and gain new insights from Tony’s philosophies and other successful entrepreneurs but I never tackled my fears. I’ve come to realize that no matter how much skill someone has, fear will delay achieving results; fear is what puts limits on being successful and confident. Out of this experience grew the want to empower others and help them overcome their fears so that they can pursue what they’ve always wanted.

My Idol

Throughout my struggle I dove into studying Anthony Robbins world-wide business intellect and performance coach who teaches worldwide seminars with 3,000+ people at $1000 minimum.

I’ve listened to:

  • The Body You Deserve
  • Mastering the Influence
  • Personal Power II
  • Read his book: Awaken the Giant Within

Anthony Robbins says that your past does not equal your future. We could choose to change and improve at any time. He also says that people either act out of desperation or inspiration. I’m an example of breaking through and no letting my struggle create my identity. Motivation doesn’t last that’s why as a coach I don’t just want to motivate I want to empower people with a more positive future so that results last long term.

No College Degree

I don’t have a paper that states I’m a college grad but I’m always in school studying life. I’ve lived the struggle that many have yet to experience and it is my purpose to help people avoid going through these things like I did. Coaching & helping others fulfills me. Therefore I’m working on applying what I’ll preach so that I inspire others.

As a sponsor you will be providing me with funds for a certification, travel, and marketing expenses and in return I will provide a 10% referral fee for any client generated thereafter & promote your product/services on my blog for one year. Coaching certification: The total tuition is $8,995 http://www.ipeccoaching.com/timeline-coach-training-programs.htm

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Jessica Perez

Aspiring Balance Coach

Student of Life

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My goal in the next year is to get 500-1000 visits per month. I will need your help hiring workers to promote my page because that will require some internet marketing & networking to get exposure.

Sponsorship Info:

As a sponsor you will be providing me with funds for a certification, travel, and marketing expenses and in return I will provide a 10% referral fee for any client generated thereafter & promote your product/services on my blog for one year.


Coaching certification: The total tuition is $8,995 http://www.ipeccoaching.com/timeline-coach-training-programs.htm

Contribute Securely through Paypal

If you have a paypal account you can complete sponsorship contribution by sending it to my email: j.perez8976@gmail.com

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Should you need additional paperwork or have any questions contact me any time.                                                

Thank You for Your Support!

Jessica Perez

Aspiring Balance Coach

Student of Life


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