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Life Support

22 Dec

This post is a little all over the place! It talks about finding yourself & discovering a hidden talent.

I hope that my story on how I lost myself & how I discovered my brother’s talent can serve as a reminder that we all have a purpose; to pay close attention to the people closest to us and help guide them when they need it most.

I’m not speaking to anyone in particular, this is aimed to speak to parents, teachers, siblings, family, friends, & coworkers.

Discovering talent is something exciting especially if its within the circle of people closest to you.

My Story…

As a daughter of parents whom I’ve let down on several occasions in the past for dropping out of college and not becoming a doctor or a nurse as they wanted, it has been a struggle. Almost an identity crisis. Feeling of not having purpose or talent at one point.

I’ve changed my career4 times in a matter of 5 years. Every time it has brought me a new set of challenges and opposing views from those who love me most my parents. I’ve gone from nursing, business, marketing, real estate, and now coaching. My parents have become frustrated and even lost belief in me. They thought I had no future at one point, upset at my instability.

They had no idea I was trying to discover myself and choose my path wisely. That it took all those bumps in the head: the identity crisis, hitting rock bottom, gaining weight, being in a 5 year relationship headed no where to realize my purpose. It took 5 years of my life to truly choose a path I’m passionate about!

That is why I’m passionate about this subject, because I wouldn’t want others to go through that long struggle I went through at such an early age. I wouldn’t want anyone to feel alone or helpless.

I understand the parents role in wanting the best for their children; to discipline their children and push them to become someone well known and recognized with a title, or at least that’s how my mother sees it. but I’ve come to realize that with high expectations in someone comes an upset and frustration.

I hope this post can really change your outlook, and if this reminds you of a friend or family member going thought the same thing, send them a link to this post. Have them call me I’d be glad to share my experience and talk to them.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s important for parents to always be happy with their child’s decision to pursue their passion. Even if its not the best profession. But even then, there is still a missing piece to the puzzle: once we accept that persons decision to take a certain path, we close ourselves out of observing that person for more potential because we are caught up in our own lives and have already accepted that person’s chosen path.

But what if we could start to notice & point out more than one skill or talent in someone even though they have already chosen their path?

This may just help in boosting their confidence, believing in themselves more, and getting a sense of certainty that if one plan doesn’t work out, there is another path to choose.

This works well especially for a young adult who is no longer pursuing a sport or activity they used to do in high school that could of been a career for them and now has no idea what path to take. Quitting a sport or activity can affect their identity and leave them wondering if there is any future in store for them.

With no compelling future its easy to fall into lowering standards and taking bad paths just to get by.

I’m not a parent but I’am a sister and I do know that it’s important to encourage your own kids, siblings, friends, and family to be the best they can be at what they chose to pursue.

Discovering a talent within can take a long time and if we could be there to help them discover it, tell them they have a purpose, and that they are talented then that will give them that push of inspiration to be strong an continue to chase a dream.

That’s what I did with my brother.

My Brother’s Hidden Talent…

One day during the week a few months ago, I was passing by Emilio’s room and I overheard him singing. It was a school night just like any other. he was singing “Simply Amazing” by Trey Songz, when he hit a high note and caught my attention.

I could of kept minding my own business in my room but I stopped to listen to him and recognize how good he sounded. Even though he had a set path in basketball and is still in high school, I let him know that I felt he could possibly have a career in singing. He saw that I believed in him and he kept singing that night.

He got so confident that he broke out of his shell and started singing to girls and his classmates in school. He hasn’t stopped singing since then.

All it took was someone noticing & believing in him! So proud!

Check it out and leave a comment. If you feel he has potential he would really appreciate it if you could spread the word and share with your friends. Emilio also has a separate audio clip he can send to you as well.

Emilio Perez Singing

My friends and family are my support system. They tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear and they are there for me in the good and bad times. Without them I have no idea where I would be and I know that their love for me is what’s keeping my head above the water.

-Kelly Clarkson