Personal Developement

We all need it. If you’re not working on yourself consistently, you’re not in control.
Personal development is feeding and programming the mind for a better quality of life.

Too much of something is dangerous and can easily cause you to lose control of your vision & goals. In a world full of distractions there has to be a place you can go and get your mind right. The place is within.

At one point you don’t know who you are or what you’ll become. You get discouraged but there is still something within you that makes you want to set goals and try being better.


For a sense of purpose- the fulfillment of become someone valuable and worth being. To prove how great you are.

Life will throw all kinds of challenges at you that can make you question yourself. Doubt  & fear can limit your inner giant from doing things you are more than capable of doing.

Finding your true identity can be reflected based on what our friends and family describe us as, but maybe that’s not really who you are. When you discover your passion & interests is when you find out who you areFrom there your interests & passion get you to your destination- a career you love; a sense of belonging & purpose.

Now when you develop yourself,  and invest into feeding your mind information that can inspire and motivate you every day, you got power. You’re in control of your life and can now steer it towards finding out who we really are. There is no deadline in getting to know who we really are, it can take years or a whole life time. Discovering who we are is not based on the career, friends, or family you have, its based on what your heart desires.

When you follow your heart, it feels good. Have you ever felt that feeling of doing something without knowing what the outcome would be but you did it anyway because it just felt right?

That is your heart speaking. Follow it.

My Biggest Influence: Anthony Robbins.

“Its not about what we’ve got, but about who we become and how much we contribute”

Here are some notes I took based on his teachings from his products Personal Power II

Personal power- the ability to act and produce results

1. by igniting desire

2. Applying systematic strategies on a daily basis

Philosophy: success comes down to demanding more from myself than anyone else can ever expect.

People get caught up in making a living instead of how to design their life.

Once you take control of your own life you won’t be able to help it and go work with other ppl and help them to change. You’ll pull them aside and say “the only reason why you’re not doing this is because you’ve linked too much pain to it but let me ask you a question, if you don’t do it how painful will it be? Lets change the way you doing this…”

The past does not equal the future. All that matters is what are you going to do now?

How to transform the quality of your life: taking small consistent improvement steps

In life whatever we focus on consistently, we tend to manifest in our lives.


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