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How to keep your Toddler busy while working from Home

2 Jun

If you’re like me and stay home by yourself with your toddler, you have to think outside the box if you want to get work done.

The truth is I get frustrated especially when I can’t distract her when I need to focus…

Strategies to distract your Energizer bunny:

Let them make a mess

Toddlers need the most attention which means less attention to your business. One thing that I’ve realized is, I have to let her make a temporary mess. If I constantly be on top of her to not make a mess, its a lot more frustrating not only for me but for her. Toddlers get bored easily and are constantly looking to experiment and make a mess of things.

What I mean by let them make a mess is not spilling juice, food, and water everywhere. I mean letting them make a mess with things that are safe in a controlled area, like toys! 🙂

How to keep toddler busy while working from home

Use your phone to set reminders and to-do’s

I set up my phone to work for me when I need to be away from the computer. When I’m using my phone, I set up to do’s on the computer as soon as she take her mid-day nap. Make sure you chose a task that takes an hour, or several small ones that you can complete in an hour so you don’t leave things unfinished. In that hour she’s asleep, I’m on the computer doing that list so I use my time wisely and stay on track.

Once she is awake, I spend an hour with her before I leave her to play with her toys on her own and come to the computer again.

Have snacks and back up toys ready

Make your you have quick snacks to give mid morning and mid afternoon in case he/she gets hungry. Also have two or three activities next to you (aside from the 3 boxes of toys your toddler has in front of them!!!), so that you distract him/her and satisfy his/her need to be next to you. Wooosah!

Always leave work where you left off so you remember to finish it.

Leave longer tasks for when your toddler goes to sleep at night

For tasks that require more focus and time, save it for when your hubby gets home, or for when your toddler is sleeping in bed.

Meal-prep to make cooking quicker

What also helps you get back to work in the evening is meal prepping. I will go more into what foods you can meal- prep for dinner in another post so that cooking is a breeze and you can get back to working!


Also have A LOT of patience for the little things your toddler does to get your attention. After all they come first and need you more than you need them!


Don’t let deadlines and urgencies stress you out to where you neglect your toddler. With planning, everything is possible!

As your toddler gets older, it’ll get easier to work. This is all temporary. Sometimes when I get frustrated I need that reminder. The cost for working from home is loosing sleep, but in return you will get to your goals!

I’d love to hear your story, please comment below. 🙂


How to get your toddler potty trained in one day!

30 May


This is Bella, she just turned Two & is now potty trained to go during the day! Yayy Bella!

(I’m sorry if anyone is disgusted about me showing her business in the picture, but the cartoons do it too! )

Although we still have to learn to go to the potty at night, its a start and mommy is excited about it and wanting to share and help other moms !

She learned the habit of walking to her potty in one day without peeing, but I had to reinforce it on day two just to be sure. Today is her third day and she goes all by herself without reminders!

Here’s what potty training looked like before she learned….

I had seen a couple of videos of moms using Dolls. I tried what they did, and put diapers on Doll , took them off and put the doll in the potty. She played with it, instead of apply it to herself. Didn’t work.

I tried the pull -ups but she felt it was fine peeing and pooping in them until they leaked.

I tried taking her to the potty every 15 minutes, which both of us didn’t like!

She was peeing and pooping all over the floor . I had to clean up after her so much in the morning, that I never made it to the afternoon or the next day in continuing to potty train. I was so inconsistent because I thought it would take a week of doing the same exhausting thing until she got the point. That was something I was not ready to do while taking care of her two month old brother. A month had gone by and she was still in diapers. I knew I had to try again.

Here’s what turned everything around…

I had just rejected a great job opportunity last Wednesday. I was supposed to start working for Carnival Cruise lines, and decided not to. (I’ll talk about that more in one of this week’s posts.)

When I realized I was going to be home for good, that I was so inconsistent with potty training Bella, and that our budget would be tight, I decided to commit.

I told myself i would not stop until she learned to go to the potty.

I started on Friday thanks to a post I read and commented on in a FB group called Play dates of Miami. A very helpful mom suggested I put an alarm on my phone with a jingle every 30 mins to remind me and her to go potty.

I decided to try it!


We started at 7am and went about our normal routine. I took off her diaper and pants and let her be while she watched Sophia. Every time it went off I put a smile on and held her hand walking her to the portable potty saying “potty time!”.


Since this was her first day, I put the potty in the living room so she could get to it quicker and sit on it while watching her cartoons. She peed and pooped once on the floor early in the morning.

As time went by, she got used to the jingle, me saying “potty time”, and her walking to the potty.

She peed in the potty 3 hrs after we had started and she had a confused look on her face. I was right there when she went that I threw a party for her, gave her a high five, and a sticker. I did this everytime she went, and she loved it!

The next day we started at 7am again and she remembered to go! She even took the tray out of the potty to come show me! 😂 She was so happy because she knew she would get rewarded for it.

I knew I no longer needed the jingle but left it on just in case.

My husband even jumped in and reminded her when it went off.

Today is day 3 , I’m not using alarms anymore and she’s going all by herself. She peed in her shorts once when she was in the playpen but that’s it so far.

She napping now with pampers on because she still needs to learn to not pee when she sleeps.

If any moms have tips on how to get her to learn please comment below!

If you are also trying to teach your child to go potty, I hope this post helps! Feel free to leave a comment!


8 Jan

Sorry I’ve been away from writing. A lot has happened, made another decision that turned my life around & I want to share this with you. All my posts are so that my experiences enlighten you and show you that its our reaction towards things that truly make a difference in the story of our lives.

It’s all fun and  until you tell  them: “I’m pregnant” to man up to their consequences. That’s when you test a man’s true character.

I had missed my period for two weeks but I wasn’t throwing up. They day before the pregnancy stick test, I went to go see him at his job. The drinks that were offered to me didn’t seem appealing anymore. My breasts where sensitive and sore. I told him I might be pregnant, and he smirked and stayed by me all night as I kept him company till after work. We had a great time that night.

The day after, I called him with three pregnancy sticks which all said positive in my hand and said: “you’re going to be a father”

His reaction wasn’t pretty. He wasn’t excited at all. He said there is no way we can have it, because he wasn’t stable financially to have a child and neither was I. It wasn’t long before he got agitated and hung up on me.

I kept my cool. We met a couple of more times and he got motivated. He said he wanted to me meet my mom and brother, move in and start a family. He told me the most beautiful words I’ve ever heard: “I’m forgetting the world its about me you and our little angel. I hope the baby comes out a girl so she comes out a beautiful princess like her mommy.”

Every time he held my tummy and kept his hand there after falling asleep. It was the best feeling I’ve ever felt. I still feel his hands and touch till this day.

I remember the last day I saw him, I’ll never forget it.

He came to my house and I got lost in his alluring touch and I gave in. Once again. I found myself in his arms with satisfaction and excitement. Just like day one. We finished our business and laid in bed looking up at the ceiling holding each other. We hadn’t touched on the subject for a while about him coming to meet my family and he wasn’t bringing it up, so I did.

He didn’t look to happy because I reminded him. He kept thinking of the stress and money that it would cost to maintain a baby because he had already been through this once with the mother of his son. and I was focused on how beautiful it could be. A young girl with not the slightest clue of what it would be like. I listened.. he made a lot of sense and really tried to talk sense into me about an abortion in the nicest way possible.

I had no words for him. I let his words sink into my soul and I just couldn’t stand the idea of killing a  life forming inside me.  We went back in forth talking with two different view points. As soon as I broke down and he saw me in tears, I could see how it affected him. He held me but I couldn’t stop crying, his touch made me more emotional. It wasn’t long before he got agitated and stormed out the door…

Some stay, other’s go because they can’t handle it. Unfortunately the man I picked to have my child decided to leave & not be involved at all. That’s life. I trusted, got hurt and things went sour. After the two months of not seeing the babies father anymore. feelings of loneliness & disappointment slowly creeped up on me. The months after he left was the toughest. The sadness and disappointment lasted two week before I got tired of feeling that way and decided to change my focus…

I wasn’t prepared to be a single parent, but life doesn’t prepare you; it throws things at you unexpectedly. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but the way i see it is my daughter deserves a right to life; a right to exist. 


Being a single parent is very mental.  I decided to be a parent the moment I knew what risk my actions had. I decided to see the father with loving eyes because he gave me the gift of being a mother which I didn’t know I had.  I decided to forgive him for not being ready to commit to me and the baby.  We are in touch and I tell him about my progress. He always responds, and even though he isn’t there, I know there’s still a part of him that wants to be there which is why I don’t give him grief. I’m glad he isn’t involved because there is nothing worse than trying to make it work with someone who doesn’t want to. Everything always comes with time.

I’m now almost 7 months & still haven’t seen the baby’s dad . I’ve had some anxiety and fear of the future  and I’ve helped pull myself out by asking myself how I can stay on track and not lose hope…

I’ve noticed that the thoughts of being lonely only come when I lack motivation or don’t remind myself of something to look forward to or be excited about for me and my daughter. Being a single parent is something I look forward to because it will inspire me to mold my daughter & teach her not only from my mistakes but that suffering only exists if you let it.

I chose to NOT suffer because one decision turning sour doesn’t define my life, its what I do from this day forward that does!

Its not losing sight of my goal. I’m happy to say I’ve had a great pregnancy all thanks to being able to focus on something bigger than what I lack. Bigger than depression.  I was given a gift of having a child that I could pass on my legacy to. She is the push and motivation I need to become more.