How to keep your Toddler busy while working from Home

2 Jun

If you’re like me and stay home by yourself with your toddler, you have to think outside the box if you want to get work done.

The truth is I get frustrated especially when I can’t distract her when I need to focus…

Strategies to distract your Energizer bunny:

Let them make a mess

Toddlers need the most attention which means less attention to your business. One thing that I’ve realized is, I have to let her make a temporary mess. If I constantly be on top of her to not make a mess, its a lot more frustrating not only for me but for her. Toddlers get bored easily and are constantly looking to experiment and make a mess of things.

What I mean by let them make a mess is not spilling juice, food, and water everywhere. I mean letting them make a mess with things that are safe in a controlled area, like toys! 🙂

How to keep toddler busy while working from home

Use your phone to set reminders and to-do’s

I set up my phone to work for me when I need to be away from the computer. When I’m using my phone, I set up to do’s on the computer as soon as she take her mid-day nap. Make sure you chose a task that takes an hour, or several small ones that you can complete in an hour so you don’t leave things unfinished. In that hour she’s asleep, I’m on the computer doing that list so I use my time wisely and stay on track.

Once she is awake, I spend an hour with her before I leave her to play with her toys on her own and come to the computer again.

Have snacks and back up toys ready

Make your you have quick snacks to give mid morning and mid afternoon in case he/she gets hungry. Also have two or three activities next to you (aside from the 3 boxes of toys your toddler has in front of them!!!), so that you distract him/her and satisfy his/her need to be next to you. Wooosah!

Always leave work where you left off so you remember to finish it.

Leave longer tasks for when your toddler goes to sleep at night

For tasks that require more focus and time, save it for when your hubby gets home, or for when your toddler is sleeping in bed.

Meal-prep to make cooking quicker

What also helps you get back to work in the evening is meal prepping. I will go more into what foods you can meal- prep for dinner in another post so that cooking is a breeze and you can get back to working!


Also have A LOT of patience for the little things your toddler does to get your attention. After all they come first and need you more than you need them!


Don’t let deadlines and urgencies stress you out to where you neglect your toddler. With planning, everything is possible!

As your toddler gets older, it’ll get easier to work. This is all temporary. Sometimes when I get frustrated I need that reminder. The cost for working from home is loosing sleep, but in return you will get to your goals!

I’d love to hear your story, please comment below. 🙂


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