Planning a Good Birth Experience

24 Feb

Whether you chose a hospital, home or birth center, all pregnant women should take hypnobirthing classes!  Giving birth in peace and working with the body without fear is possible &  does exist. Every mother deserves to  have a good birthing experience, not one with pain and agony.

The Giving Birth with Pain Epidemic

As soon as everyone around me knew I was pregnant I started getting advise, stories, warnings and cautions. Even after tellign them I didn’t want to hear it if it was negative, people still ended up saying it! I’m sure there was no bad intentions, but I just couldn’t take it. I was overwhelmed but soaked in every bit of it. When I got home all those conversations flooded my head for weeks.

“You’re not getting an epidural, good luck… ”

“I didn’t feel a thing with the epidural.. the best thing I did to stop the pain”

“Its better if you have a C-Section, then pain in unbearable”…

“The doctor said my aunt needed a C section because the baby was taking too long to come out”

“My sister  wasn’t dilating so she a C-section”..

Way to many women complaining and yes it scared the crap out of me at first!

I’m 7 months now and I still  hear the same stories from different women, except now I just smirk and block it out. I refuse to go in unprepared and scared.  Giving birth without screaming for an epidural or suffering doesn’t come natural. It has to be practiced on every day.

How it Important it is Choosing The Right Doctor

The type of doctor you choose is really important. Any one with a doctors degree sit there and call themselves qualified to deliver, but none of that matters if he or she isn’t involved with your progress or always bringing up what if scenarios. It takes a certain person with good positive beliefs  to give you confidence to have  a great birth experience.

The first doctor I picked I stayed with for the first and and half of my second trimester before realizing he wasn’t even involved like I wanted him to be. I was making the mistake of sticking by because he was close by house. He didn’t even discuss my lab and ultrasound results not once, he just said “everything came back fine”.

When I had questions he would answer them but rush through it. I felt super uncomfortable.  Not to mention the office manager had the worst attitude which set the whole mood for that office. I asked for all my blood work and ultrasound paperwork to be printed out, took them with me and never came back again.

The next day I came across one of the “Best obgyns in Mercy hospital”. He gave me a very warm greeting and sat down to discuss my blood work and ultrasounds which the other doctor failed to do. I felt a relief, but I couldn’t help but notice the condition he was in. He didn’t take very good care of himself.. very overweight, sick,  just a bad physical appearance is what noticed. As I spoke to him about my concerns, he kept steering towards a C section outcome as the second option. He mentioned how if the baby stayed in there for too long after the water breaking that the baby can end up in NICU and sick for days or weeks because she could get an infection.

I sat there thinking, this doctor is too negative for me. There was no favor of natural birth. He was in favor of the hospital and reducing any liability. I felt I wouldn’t be in control. How is a woman supposed to feel after hearing that from a doctor that is supposed to be delivering her baby? How confident would that mother feel about going in without fear?

I refused to settle so I left that practice &  stood firm in my belief to find a place that offered a better way of giving birth.

Why I Chose to Water Birth

Water birth is safe and does not compromise the baby in any way unless the mother is high risk. No birthing center would recommend a water birth to a high risk pregnant mother. Hospitals over time have chosen to eliminate water birth to avoid any liability like hypothermia from the cold hospital temperature, and other events out of their control.

Giving birth in the water lowers blood pressure, lowers the baby’s heart rate, reduces the risk of tearing, relaxes muscles & relieves the pain from the contractions as the baby is making its way down to crown. It replaces the epidural. As soon as the baby slips out the midwife checks for the umbilical cord to make sure its not wrapped around, and immediately gives the baby to the mother. The baby is not at risk of swallowing water at all until the baby takes the first breath of air, which would be when the midwife take her out to the mothers chest after coming out. They have the tools necessary to monitor the baby’s heart beat and figure out what position the baby is in.

I finally came across a birth center in Hollywood who made me feel the most comfortable! Their main licensed midwife was an incredible example of positive thinking and how a natural birth was possible no matter how big the baby.

She had a very natural and holistic approach- believes in a healthy simple life style

The whole team was very attentive to my needs and taking their time answering all my concerns. Best part is they believed that the mother to baby connection was priority more than anything.

I want my birth to be smooth, the only way to make it happen is to prepare for it. That is where hypnobirthing comes in.

Preparing to Water Birth through Hypnobirthing

I’ve learned that epidurals numb the pain but also make it difficult for the mother to tell how hard she has to push which may damage her walls or go against the natural uterine surges (contractions) causing the muscles to tense up and not work in sync with the body to let the baby out smoothly. Epidurals also ruin the connection that a mother could have with her baby when he or she is out because the drug will make her drowsy and possibly even knock her out.

Hypnobirthing is a form of self directed hypnosis that prepares women to breath through the the contractions and not have to push so hard to let the baby out. It teaches you what postures to always be in before birth to make sure the baby gets in the right position, how to breath through the four phases of labor.

I highly recommend: The HypnoBirthing Book!

The book includes:

  • A Relaxation CD
  • Positions for Birth
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Birth Preference Sheets
  • and much more useful information

Here’s one of many videos on HypnoBirthing. I’m 35 weeks, writing this and every time I watch these videos I tear up so much after the baby comes out! Its beautiful!



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