Planning Isabella’s Baby Shower

20 Feb

I tend to be a control freak, I like to take control of how everything will turn out which  I though would make planning so overwhelming, but I did something that made it so much easier. After all its about budgeting and making sure you don’t add more stress from all the planning.

My baby shower is February 9, 2014.  Invites should be sent two week to a month before  the baby shower so it gives everyone time to buy gifts and make space in their schedules.

Location: I looked at my resources. If you are on a budget, I would recommend doing it at someones house to save yourself the rental fee.

Day & Time: I picked a calm day and made sure it was at a good time from 1-5pm so that guests have no issues waking up early from the night before.

Baby Registry: Best time saver is to start registries online! I was able to register to three: Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us, and Target. I did all three so that everyone can access the nearest place to them. I repeated some items on each registry as well.  I chose Buy Buy baby because of the good reviews on returns and service. Only downfall is that they have limited locations. Babies R Us is well known but isn’t flexible with returns. Target has a huge selection of things!

Invites: Do not spend money on printing invites! Everything is virtual now. I didn’t mail out invites unless it was to family which I couldn’t go see.  The best time and money saver are the ones you can type up yourself and turn into a JPEG on Microsoft Powerpoint. That’s how I did mine.


In case you want pre-decorated custom made ones, Pinterest has the best ideas for themes and invites.

Also, make sure you indicate if its women only, or if every one is welcome. Most men don’t like baby showers. When you do a women’s baby shower, it saves you money and time.

Also make sure you list: the location, date, time, registries, specific directions, and phone number to RSVP.

Food: Look up fast and easy party foods online, and also look at Pinterest for ideas on affordable things to do. Make the main course meal at home or hire a local bakery/restaurant to make it for you at a low price. You could also make the food tents yourself on a word doc and print them out on card stock.

Make a list so its easier to give to someone to do if you can’t do it. Here’s what my list looks like:

Appetizers: PB&J sandwiches, Ham & Cheese Sandwiches, mini empandas, croquettes.

Food: Homemade Lasagna,  Paella, Salad.

Drinks: Sangria, Mimosas, Lemonade, & Rasberry Tea

Sweets: Candy Bar, Fruit Skewers, Fruit Cups, Cake.

Chairs & Tables: renting these out can cost you depending on how many people. Its best to give yourself enough time to ask everyone you’ll be inviting if they have or know of anyone who already have chairs and tables that you can borrow; it’ll save you time and money.

Games: Ask a friend to host the games for you. There are so many idea for games online with instructions  that could save you time and money.

Decorations: I was recommended a website that is cheaper than the typical Party City. It’s They have great stuff at reasonable prices. Ill be shopping here for the lanterns  and stuff you cant get locally. The rest like table clothes, plates and cups, you can get at your local dollar store.

I’ve just about summed up the most important things for planning a baby shower. If you’d like to add a suggestion in the comments below. Hope this helps any one also planning a baby shower, or anticipating one in the future. 🙂

I had a great baby shower & I didn’t go crazy of forget anything!



 Click here for more pictures!


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