Compassion Sets You Free

3 Jun

When you become compassionate your whole point of view changes from negative to positive no matter how much odds are against you …

Compassion is the key to forgiveness. It clears the past and makes room to start over.

When the focus goes towards seeing past a negative argument or situation , a new window of opportunity opens .

It’s about seeing the bigger picture and knowing that you are connected to someone else. We are all different but want the same- to love, be loved, & understood.

If we all see through loving eyes there is no fear of getting hurt. No need to fight or get into arguments to prove a point. There is no point to prove because all we have left is what we have to offer which can make a difference in someone’s life.

At the end of it all isn’t that what gives us a sense of meaning in life- knowing we helped someone or contributed in someway ?

We don’t have to wait until we are 50 at mid life crisis to realize we have to give back before we go. We could start now and plant seeds so that when we reach that age we could look back and say we did it.

Up until now I could say I have not held resentment or criticized someone for being different than me. We are all unique but want the same things – to love, be loved & understood!


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