Body & Mind Over All

5 May

It all comes down to our body and mind. Our bodies rely on the fuel from foods we eat to operate and function well. If we take care of our bodies we’ll be able to be in a better state, less reactive to stress,

Our thoughts also affect the level of motivation we have to keep our body in shape. Just as we work our body we must work out our mental conditioning.

In my opinion losing weight by keeping the body in shape and eating clean foods all comes from that thought that tells out body that we can do it. We first have to decide to want to live better and be willing to do what it takes.

What fuels me is the frustration of getting sick from stress, bad eating habits, and not getting enough sleep – drinking coffee, going out and coming back late to only hrs 3 hrs of sleep. It’s not worth it for me.

I’ve decided that body and mind comes first and if there is time left over ill do the rest.

I don’t smoke, no longer drink socially like I used to, and haven’t touched a drink in months. i plan to keep it that way. It just makes me feel better. Maybe that’s to big a step for some of you , just lower your intake and get at least 7 hrs of sleep.

Believe me being consistent with making good decisions over 3 weeks will create an empowering habit. Our mind’s subconscious sends signals to our body to do things based on the information we’ve collected thought the day. That why it’s important to read, hear , and see things that support a healthy lifestyle.

It’s been a struggle eating clean for quite sometime . Ive managed to keep working out & when I’m working I keep good eating consistent but somehow i end up cheating once a day to break boring routine or to relieve the stress & anxiety I get from my job & all these other things that haven’t got done… I lose focus and react.

Can you relate?

I’ve gotten very frustrated and this frustration has led me to ask myself great questions which I will ask you:

You want it but do you want it bad enough?

why do you want to lose weight?

What happens if you don’t lose weight?

After talking to many people through out the weeks I’ve really convinced myself that eating clean and working out is whats really going to make me happy.

Eating right is a lifestyle its not temporary. There are tons of good tasting healthy foods and desserts out there that can be made from scratch with us having to indulge in the sugary ones.

Need energy to work long hours without having to drink coffee or red-bull?

Blend vegetables and fruits that produce energy in the morning ..
Carrots (skin detoxifier)

How much effort are you willing to put?

Look up energy boost juicing recipes..

Use natural supplants :
water weight burners- XPell
Fat burners- ON chewable amino acids, CLA’s, l- carnitine liquid .
Visit your local vitamin shoppe it GNC ask the reps. They know. 🙂

If you’d rather get advise from a professional certified trainer or nutritionist go for it. the money spent on your health is worth it !

Keep in mind your body will detox with lots of water, supplements and clean eating. If one day you decided to eat a burger and drink beer you will be throwing the body off balance causing you to get sick & frustrated with no motivation to start over and keep going.

Detox your mind & body
Set up a good support system
Make friends and hang out with people who already live a fit and healthy lifestyle.


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