Life is a Gift

17 Apr

I got into an accident that could of ended my life on 04/07/13.

Photo: An angel was by my side last night...

I'm so happy to be alive 
It could of been worse.

I’m motivated now more than ever to improve the quality of my life.

I was so shook up that I wrote this letter before going to sleep worried about my injuries to the head.

This is what I wrote a day after the accident:

“Today I saw my dad for the first time in months and he told me a story as did my co-worker about two girls who got injured in an accident and though they were fine, days later they died. Not the best thing to tell me after I’ve been through an accident, but it gave me a reality check.

I’m not going to lie, it reminded me of my situation  I haven’t gotten a CT yet since the accident on Sunday at 4am. I feel fine I just hope today isn’t my last day. At one point i was avoiding this thought like most people would. We get skeptical about attracting negative energy, but there is nothing bad in dying nor thinking about it. I let myself think about it for the first time. I asked my self what would i like to do before I die? Well i would want to hear from the people in my life what they’d say to me if they’d never see me again.

I text the people in my life: “What would you say to me if today was my last day to live?”

Its quite the dramatic question, some freaked out & got concerned, others were more calm and spiritual about it. I asked this because that accident made me think about everything in my life. That night I realized that life should be lived like its our last, every bit of our lives should be fully lived to the max. Pushing limits, facing fears, doing things we’ve never did. There  is only one life to live, time shouldn’t be wasted.  I asked myself:

Am I ready to die?

Am I at peace?

Have I done the things I’ve always wanted to do?

Would I be proud of myself  & my accomplishments?

What message would I like to pass on before I go?

I’d like to pass on the message be a student of life to my family. Have them be an example of living a happy fulfilled life because I wouldn’t want anything bad for them. I would want to let people know I’m at peace. I don’t suffer because I’ve to see things in a good way. I’ve experienced and I’ve taught myself how to deal with all my struggles and be as honest as I can to people. You could say I’m quite guilt free.

Always be honest with people. Do good for them and let the wall down to those who seem like good people. let people see how loving you are, show love & compassion to everyone when you get rejected, show love to the person who took things from you, show love to the ones who don’t know how to love because they are the ones who need it most. Its your way of giving back and helping others with their life.

Besides all my struggles I’ve always pursued living a better life. Something in me tell me to keep going- not to give up. That night I got into an accident, I could of passed, but it wasn’t my time. and if today was my time, I could say that I never lacked of anything. That my time spent here was well spent infusing a passion in me to want to be a life coach which has been a major step forward & I’m proud of that.

Life is a gift.

My message to you is to be thankful you are alive! Do not settle for less that what you could be. Do not be afraid of what you can be capable of. Do not limit yourself!

Nurture your body.

Clear your mind.

Forgive and move forward.

Learn and pass on.

Use your time wisely.

Be A Student of Life for me.
Study Life Gain Balance.


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