Break Routine

28 Mar

“I mean we get up from out box-shaped bed to eat a box cereal breakfast, drive our box to our box office, have lunch in our box tupperware and come back to do it all over again” Tony said.

He’s right. We create a routine to discipline ourselves to go to work and go home. That’s fine but how much longer before you get tired of the same thing week after week?

I say if you’re going to live life live it with balance so that you can achieve happiness and fulfillment. There will be things that we must do but we also must make room to do things that break routine so we don’t burn out.

Yesterday was my day off. Instead of going to the gym, I went to the beach to run. I may have said this before but I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to dedicate one day to yourself where you do what you want.

Schedule things that empower, motivate, and push you to be your very best.

I really don’t like running but because I did it at the beach, I enjoyed it 100%, sunburn and all.

What can you do to make things you don’t like to do a +10 experience?

The purpose of breaking routine is to take a break, recover, and avoid burn out. At the beginning, the break will feel so good that going back to routine will be a challenge. You make slack and be a little off the day after you rested, but with a little push and motivation set up for routine day, you’ll get the hang of it.

Soon you’ll notice how your quality of life starts to change. You’ll be getting more done and feel good about how much you’re taking care of yourself.

Your body is your temple, your mind is the director. Feed your body good so that your mind is clear on the direction you want to go. If your body is not taken care of, your mind will accept it and you will deviate off course.

Even if you do deviate off course, never be hard on yourself about it. Just pick up where you left off. I’ve deviated many times, and I’m still here striving to be better. Never loosing focus of my goal.

So as I strive to live a better life, I want to encourage you to do it with me.

Share your story with me. Ill be that support you need.

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To your success!



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