How much longer before you break out?

20 Mar

This post is not intended to offend or insult anyone’s way of living. The message set here is to give positive reinforcement on breaking free and living the life you’ve always wanted.

If things are tough and you find yourself stuck living a life obligated to your job to pay bills with no time to do what you really want, this post is for you.

In 2010, I attended a free Robert Kiyosaki real estate seminar to learn how to invest and make money. They ended up convincing me to buy their $400-4 day seminar. I was convinced that this was for me and my partner at the time that we invested.

I not only came to learn about assets vs liabilities, I learned a new way if thinking. A mindset that changed my life forever….

If you’ve read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” you would know that his story relates to all of us. He was witness to seeing his father come home late every day working 50+hrs to provide and put food on the table for his family & no time to be with them or go on vacation.

That reminded me of my father too. I realized that my father was stuck with no choice but to work those hours to afford paying the bills. He didn’t have the interest in creating another income source because he felt he had no time or energy for it.

We can all relate to this. Many of us may be going to school and working part time or working two jobs just to survive…

Question is…
Where is all that money going, towards liabilities or assets?

Liabilities are things that take money out of your pocket like a car note, credit card, mortgage, etc.

Assets are things that put money in your pocket like stocks, renting real estate, Roth IRA, residual profit for product or services , etc.

The reason why the majority of us are stuck paying bills is because we own more liabilities than assets.

We have to get out of the cup of water we’re drowning in.

I want to be that hand that pulls you out with a reminder…

– pick one thing to invest in that can make you double the money back.

– separate $50-100 from each paycheck and put it into an account that you’ll label: Funds for Assets

– talk to others about investing. Get creative and do your research.

If you make an effort to do this you can break free from the routine life – the Rat Race and create a great future for yourself!

The goal is to have your assets pay for your bills so that it buys you time and so that you don’t work extra hard. Assets are your leverage. They pay for your liabilities so you have extra money left over to do as you please with.

-quit your job (enough money coming in every month)
-stay home to raise your kids
– pay for a multiple gym memberships so that you have no excuses and always go to the gym wherever you are to maintain your weight loss goals.
-trade in your car for a better one
-travel the world
-compete for your favorite hobby- dance, body building, fishing, etc.

The goal is to make time in your life to achieve balance so that you can be happy and fulfilled. Living the life you’ve always wanted requires time and planning. Keep your eye on the prize and keep moving forward no matter what life throws at you.

If you’re alive and breathing there are no excuses.

No one to push or motivate you?

You need to find a group of people who want to do the same thing you do. Go to meet ups, sign up for clubs, etc…

You also have me!

I’d love to speak to you. Helps me practice for my dream career too!

Skype me anytime : BeAStudentofLife

Hope this sparks up an idea in you & somehow gets you to take action on something.

The last thing I want is to be like my father working hard without enjoying what he worked so hard for. I’m already taking steps toward freeing myself to create a life I’ve always wanted.

Tell me how it goes! I’d love to follow you on your journey!

Best wishes!


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