Feeling Stressed & Anxious about your Goals Lately?

12 Mar

I write to share my experiences in hopes of inspiring others. The other day I had an experience with one of my cousins.

She was going through what I had finished going through: sickness, working two jobs, poor diet, no exercise, no energy- she was burning herself out as I did no to long ago, This was an exact reflection of what most go through in their lives to try to accomplish goals.

She had her eyes on the prize & she wanted it so bad that she was sacrificing her health for it. She said she needed time management as did I when I realized I was burning myself out.

Luckily I got something out of the beginning of Tony’s time management MP3’s that have helped me cope and manage my stress levels- which is to write all the to do’s under outcomes. (I’ll explain this further on, keep reading!)

I also had two mentors/coaches tell the same thing right around the same time: “Put yourself first”. Up until this day I still thank Brandon & Atlas for reminding me. Since I’ve put this into practice I’ve been much happier working and paying bills because I know that when that paycheck comes in, I’ll get rewarded!

Going back to my cousin, that night I had told her that she needs to dedicate one day to herself out of the week where she does absolutely nothing.

Mine is today and I’ve been home all day watching movies & healing from this cold. Feeling good enough to write this week’s blog post.

I also told her to not be discouraged if she is sick or out of energy. To get right back up again. Even though I have this cold and can’t work out, I’m still eating clean and have my weight loss goals in mind. When I heal Ill bounce right back up again and weight train.

It about preparation & reading up on how to make yourself better even when life throws things at you that can delay the process. Sometimes we become impatient because the results we want don’t happen as quick as we want and so we get anxious.

What’s provided me with peace of mind has been writing my to do’s into action steps for one outcome, so that when i think of my goals & progress I just think of one out come and not overwhelm myself with all the to do’s.

Your goals are your outcomes. Your to do’s are actions steps. Write them down into an outline.

Use this as an example:

Outcome 1- get a’s n b’s in all classes.
Action Step 1-
Action Step 2-

Outcome 2- have enough energy through out the day
Action Step 1-
Action Step 2-

Outcome 3- get prepared for _________
Action step 1- volunteer

Outcome 4- have enough money for _______
Action step 1-
Action step 2-

Outcome 5- save up $_____ by _____ for vacation.
Action step 1-
Action step 2-

So don’t feel stressed & anxious about your goals. Be patient and know that this outline is your peace of mind, your validation that as long as you are completing one action step a day for each outcome, you are getting closer to your goals!

I’ve done this and I look at my outline every week to remind me to stay on track and not lose sight of my goal. So for you I wish the same! Share your experience and let me know how I could help!

Skype me: BeAStudentofLife

Remember this?

study life gain balance

Its all about Balance.

Balance= Happiness & Fulfillment.


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