Embrace Silence

4 Mar

Quiet moments don’t mean loneliness!
Many of us avoid quiet moments because they make us feel lonely. Instead we resort to tv, radio, and other entertainment to make us feel like we aren’t alone- to distract us.

When we focus on a bad day at work, an argument, or a mistake not only does it set our moods but we also stay stuck unable to move forward.

The subconscious can replay the same scene of your life over & over again occupying all your focus and deviating you off path.

The challenge with that once your mood is set, you are in a trance and forget or don’t make time to remember things that are priority.
That’s why so many of us never accomplish goals or get things done on time.

Train your mind to work for you, not against you.

When there is silence, don’t reflect on what went wrong unless you’re trying to learn from it. This is a time to reflect and remember your goals, get back on your path if you were deviated, & to remind yourself of important things that need to be done.

Next time turn off your phone, tv, radio, and listen to the silence. Let the voice in your head talk, but listen closely to what it’s thinking

What or who do you think of the most?
Is it productive or destructive?
Is it positive or negative?

Catch your thinking process, reflect, and change your thoughts if they’re not serving you.

We are what we think. Choose you’re thoughts wisely! Thoughts become words, and words become actions that create our destiny!

Be in control and set the right stepping stones in your path. If you deviate, it’s ok just get right back on track again!

If you ever want to talk Skype me- BeAStudentOfLife


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