Love is not just a verb it’s you looking in the mirror

12 Feb

If you want something real and you want to settle this post is for you. If you just want fun with no commitment this post isn’t for you.

Do you see couples and get demotivated or do you smile and compliment them?

If you get demotivated or feel upset you may have to let go of some baggage.

Do you say this often:
“They are all the same”
“They are impossible”
“They are liars, don’t trust them”

Let me let you in on something that has been proven through out the years: The way you talk and think will turn into words which will turn Into actions that attract those kind of people.

The more you focus on the things you don’t want in a person the more of it you will attract.

Next time around look for things you can appreciate in someone and you’ll see how your focus changes. You’ll start to feel thankful and appreciate all the small details in that person.

Being thoughtful and appreciating the small things will have anyone like you. Make a person feel good and treat them right, they’ll do the same for you.

When you do choose to start talking to or date someone make sure they are motivated and someone that can make you better.

You can find that out within a week of getting to know the person.

Does he/she give you advise or are they constantly talking about them selves?

Does he/she show interest in what you do daily by asking about how your day went or do they talk about themselves?

Look out for self-absorbed people they may want to impress you & have looks but chances are they are selfish and won’t value you in the future . Don’t go for short term pleasure if you want long term gains, see the bigger picture always.

Going back to upset and disappointment … It can be avoided by looking at yourself first.

Some of us go from the wrong person as a challenge and try to change that person. Others do it because they see in that person what they lack.

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal. Not to people or things…

If you’re not happy single you won’t be happy taken. Be sure to work on yourself first before dedicating yourself to someone else.

Let go of grudges, forgive, and let go so that you don’t block yourself out of a good opportunity to experience something great.

You don’t have a special someone this valentines to feel great. Pamper and make yourself feel good instead!

Happy Valentines Day!


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