Happiness is a choice.

16 Jan

Being happy in a relationship

Both partners being  happy in a relationship is something many couples struggle with because of not being on the same page or asking the right  questions.

Now as students of life, when we want something we must study it.

That why I’ve taken the time to ask my friends and get feedback as to what makes both partners happy in a relationship. The screen shot of feedback are below the page ! 🙂

As you’re balancing your life, part of it is studying things you want to be good at.

Today’s post is about what it takes for both partners to be happy in a relationship. You’ll e getting my perspective based out of my experience in a 5 year relationship and others people’s current experiences as well.

If you want a good relationship, study it.

Certainty. Reassurance. Security. Recognition.

These are all things we want to feel & we expect when we’re with someone.

Issues arise when we see out needs aren’t been met by someone who we had expectations for.

Although one partner isn’t meeting  needs the way that the partner wants, he or she still feels that they’ve been doing their part, while the other disagrees.

Some tend to start reaching out to others for advise so that they make a fair decision without realizing that any advise from someone who is not in your relationship will be flawed.

Why anyone’s advise other than your own becomes flawed.

It is because no one person is the same. When friends and family give you advise they take sides and give their opinion based on their experience which may not apply to your situation.

You can’t change things out of your control.

Some tend to try to change the way the person is so that they get their need met.

This is where it gets out of one’s control because its not possible to change someone unless they feel they need to or want to change.

The trick is to see them and treat them as the change you want to see.

The main issue is that each partner had their own way of showing love and it may not be the way their partner is expecting. Out of this arise feelings of not being appreciated, confusion, anger, and frustration which can ultimately damage a relationship

To keep a healthy relationship both partners must be willing to change.

Not change themselves, but change their approach towards doing things that do make their partner happy. Making an effort to ask questions about what makes them happy.

The best kind of feedback or advise you can ever get is the one your partner gives you. That’s how you get to really know your partner’s wants and needs.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Asking the right questions avoids wasting time on both ends.
  • There is no perfect man or woman with all the qualities; you’ve got to be willing to compromise.
  • If you’re dating and the connection and attraction is just right, it’s worth you spending some time on.
  • As you get to know someone you can determine what you’re willing to compromise or meet half way on.
  • You can’t change someone; instead treat them as the change you want to see in them.
  • Don’t let bad experience make you bitter, let it make you wiser.
  • It is possible to learn to understand each other but only if both partners make the effort. No one likes to do everything alone.
  • No one person is the same, every person you meet deserves a clean slate. Let go of the baggage.
  • it’s time to understand more, fear less.
  • Don’t make assumptions. Find the courage to ask questions and get what you really want.

Whether you’re single and looking or in a relationship, its always good to know these things!

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