Striving for CANI

8 Jan


Striving for better every day. Achieving one thing daily is constantly improving.
It’s either uphill /or downhill \ no plateau —.
If we can improve on one thing in each area of our lives we’d achieve balance which would mean happiness and fulfillment.

The hardest thing to master in life is balance. we all want quick results & answers because we live in such a high paced world with things on demand that patience is really becoming hard to sustain.

Achieving balance means having time to dedicate to all areas of our lives. Balance requires patience because focus is divided here for taking longer to achieve. Once it had been mastered our lives will feel complete.

That is my mission. As most of you may already know I aspire to be a life coach. Im working on mastering balance so I study life. I’m a student of life who will one day transform into a life coach. I do this because by helping myself first ill be in better shape to help others. In order to be of good service and help others the right way I need to have mastered what I talk about & put the concept of balance to practice.

As the weeks have passed by I’ve posted things in social media about setting goals in areas of life such as


I’ve talked about setting one year goals in each area, creating a dream board.

I’m focused on is health. My goal is to lose 20lbs by March 2013.

I’m also making space for my career by writing on this blog once week.

Working on a relationship with someone who has similar values and is helping me grow, and keeping a close bond with my family and friends.

Growth: I’ve signed up for the adopt a meal program and other organizations to contribute and grow once a week.

Money: I have 3 interviews lined up tomorrow and I’ve been looking into short term investment options like CDs so I can get some ROI by July 2013.

Fun/adventure: I’m finally getting to step outside my comfort zone and exploring Miami for the first time ever.
I’m taking road trips and visiting different cities in the weekend.

The goal is to be an example of balance. Always make space and room for all areas of your life for maximum fulfillment. When we take the time to prioritize ourselves, set goals, take action, measure progress, and stay consistent success is around the corner


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