In time for 12.12.12

12 Dec

I plan to mediate at 12 midnight on 12.12.12 so i got about 20 minutes to write ideas about what to do on this day.

Depends on what this day mean to you. I decided to make it special because it is! it feels good to be a part of something different, unique, special. This day is rarer than an eclipse . As a matter of fact it will become instinct on Thursday at 12 midnight. Tomorrow will be the day that you will see numbers repeat three times ever again.

12.12.12 to me means a spiritual awakening. Doesn’t have to be religious. My idea of it is to just to close your eyes, think about how much you love your family , send love to others struggling, and be thankful for what you have.

This day also means to be aware to be free . Do something that makes you happy. I ask that you focus in others tomorrow . Focus on avoiding arguments or confrontation and instead making everyone around you feel good. It can be as little as a compliment or an I love you, or thank you… GIVE love to friends, family, the homeless, people you’ve kept your distance from. Reconnect and burn bridges.

Just set yourself free!

Write all your fears and negative thoughts on paper then burn it or rip it and get rid of those limiting beliefs.

That’s what I plan to do. I plan to write down all the things that have held me back this year. I’m gonna go to the beach first thing in the morning, write my negative thoughts and fears on a piece of paper, put it on fire, an throw the ashes in the ocean.

I will set myself free tomorrow and meet with some great people !

On Instagram I asked what I could do on this day and this what my friends shared :

*bungee jumping
*spending it with someone on a roof top at the beach over looking the city
*drinking 12 times 12 different liquor within 12 hours (I don’t recommend or encourage this!)
*going to the beach

I g2g! It’s almost 12!!! Let me know how it goes!!


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