Invest in your most valuable asset

3 Dec

Investing into an asset means nurturing it and making sure it doesn’t diminish, that it increases or doubles in size. An asset is never un- attended. Its too valuable, too much time, effort, and money has been put at stake to just let it fall.

Sure stocks, real estate, gold and silver, and time are all prime assets.. but what happens if YOU are not around?

Who will take care of the assets then? Sure your family can, however you are what kept everything in sync.

YOU are the most common denominator.

The most valuable asset is YOURSELF!

How much do you invest into yourself?

Are you growing or are you slowly diminishing…

Are you nurturing your body and treating it like a temple or are you consuming uncontrollable amounts of things…

Question is how good are YOU holding up?

Bills, outings, family, friends, dates, relationships, work, school…

So many things going in in our lives that we have to keep up with, and we forget about ourselves. As much as we want to please those around us and be unselfish, our most valuable asset is our mind, body, and soul.


You won’t last very long at giving and doing things for everyone else if you don’t make sure you’re well off first.

Taking care of yourself first is not selfish. In fact it’s an investment that will benefit everyone around you.

What can you invest in for yourself that will make your feel stronger and more confident?

Here are some ideas…

  • Dancing/singing lessons
  • Public speaking
  • The gym
  • Sports clubs
  • Networking clubs
  • Anything that benefits & makes you feel good

What’s one small thing you can you do daily to face your fears or things that are limiting you?

The things that limit us are what hold us back. Majority of the time it’s purely psychological and can be overcame with hands on practice… Some are physical set backs which require us to be more creative in coming up with an alternative.

Improve your mind…
Invest into brain training, go to school for a degree or certification, read books and articles daily, watch documentaries.

Improve your body:
Enroll in the gym, walk your neighborhood every morning when you wake up buy an at home workout program, buy healthy food next time your at the grocery store, STAY ACTIVE

Improve your soul:
Go to church, meditate often, practice yoga, give back by volunteering or donating,..

I’m doing everything in my power to have a more balanced lifestyle I encourage you to do the same!

Find BALANCE and watch your life change for the better.


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