In losing everything, you’ve gained it all…

19 Nov

At one point in my life i felt like i lost it all… No job, car, money, relationship, friends, connection with my father, a failed business venture… No fulfillment or happiness.

I felt like I had no purpose, my self esteem plummeted, I felt worthless and lost with no where to go. EMPTY.

As I fell to rock bottom certain people were put in my path to change my perspective…

At that point I no longer felt disempowered.

I was motivated again because I realized that…

In losing everything, i gained it all…

My ego was stripped from all the material things… Clothes, shoes, expensive jewelry… the need for attention, status, pride.

I was bare, vulnerable, and for once in my life I had time to think about me.

Having nothing is :

being in full control of everything gained after a loss.

being stripped of everything that was holding you back.

being free

a chance to build things over to the way you’d like

putting yourself in full control of your future and making it right.

When you lose everything you’ve gained it all

-lessons learned
-being thankful

How may people do you know that have it all and take the things listed above for granted?

So when you think you have it bad, go to the hospital and talk to those families who have lost their family member.

Be thankful that you’re breathing .

Losing something is an illusion. Its the ego getting hurt from the attachment to what has perished.

Nothing has been lost. Plans have just changed.

When you detach yourself from the expectations you’ve had and adapt to creating a new plan that focuses on gaining that “loss” back, you become a fighter, someone who never gives up.

There is always room to make it right. For it does not matter how much times you’ve failed.

The more you fail the closer you come to succeeding because you already know what not to do. You’re checking off the things that shouldn’t be done to avoid it next time.

Losing it all is temporary.

Pain that comes from losing it all is a part of life. Suffering is an option.

After rock bottom there is no other way but UP.

As long as you’re living and you’re mind is functioning you have the power to have it all.

The world is yours.


3 Responses to “In losing everything, you’ve gained it all…”

  1. starrystez November 20, 2012 at 11:09 am #

    Excellent post I agree totally.

    • jperez89 November 30, 2012 at 8:59 pm #

      thank you! Glad we’re on the same page


  1. Don’t let your struggle create your identity… Attack Fear « Be A Student of Life - December 11, 2012

    […] 1. All the breakups, friendships lost, moments of anxiety, self-doubt, gaining weight, going broke, losing connection with family have humbled me and made me the peaceful person I am today that is able to help others! I was stripped from everything, and because of someone’s enlightenment talks I was able to realize how thankful I could be for what I have- everything! I talk about this in the other blog post: losing everything, you’ve gained it all […]

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