Calm within a Storm

13 Nov

Where does happiness and peace come from?

How do you love others?

Why does prayer give life meaning?

These three questions all have the same answer. It’s so simple that it is often over looked…

We spend so much time making a living instead of designing our life the way we want it.

Society and the environment take control and shape our decisions and if we are not fully in control of our own emotions we will pushed and shoved in whatever direction it takes us.

That leads to negative emotions which can crumble our confidence & positive outlooks in bad situations.

Once we get in this state of personal doubt and un fulfillment we are blocked and cannot be productive.

To be effective we must be happy, peaceful, and loving within ourselves first so that others can benefit from it.

Things shouldn’t be forced, they should be paced and developed overtime.

It’s all about timing. Everything always has its right time and we have to patient and motivated at the lowest times.

Do things that make you happy.

Show up to work and make it fun.

Always see the positive in every negative.

Keep trying when it doesn’t work.

It will pay off and when it does happiness peace and love will show without you even having to try.



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