A Leader’s character reflects through their followers

6 Nov

When pressure kicks in a leader’s true character starts to show.

This year I experienced local politics for the first time.

With Election Day a few hours away, candidates are either crumbling or shining. This will show through their followers & the way they treat residents.

A leader who spends their time bashing their opponent will express hate, anger, tension, stress and it will affect anyone directly involved increasing chances of failure.

A leader who spends their time treating residents/voters, volunteers, and employees with care, honesty, optimism, and sincerity will be at peace and will increase their chances of winning.

I’ve found that the best approach is to always have good sportsmanship and never bring down competition.

where focus goes energy flows

If you’re doing the right or wrong thing it will show like night and day.

Competing against and opponent does not mean bringing them down, it means proving that what you bring to the table is best.

-Treat your opponents with respect.
-Get your followers to get along with your opponents followers.
– be attentive to your audience and serve to the best of your ability.

Let go of hate, forgive, and stay positive.

It takes tremendous will power, motivation, and strong character to make it through!

I truly wish all candidates in the city of Doral, miami dade county, the US the best.


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