Failing vs Giving up- Big Difference

23 Oct

I didn’t give up writing my blog, I just failed to continue maintaining it. There have been so many events that have thrown me off a bit and have kept me from remembering to write a post even if its just something quick.

Same applies to life in general. Failing is bound to happen because we focus on one thing for so long and let go of other things. When we let go of other things and realize how one thing failed its easy to give up and say that it didn’t work out.

We are all hardwired to avoid pain and steer towards things that give us pleasure.

That is why most give up after only failing at it once. It’s too painful to feel failure.

It does not matter how much times you fail….

The moment you give up is when you’ve permanently failed. 

Fail until you succeed, because for every failure is a lesson learned; one less problem we know how to handle next time.

So here I am, back at writing my blog again. I refused to think that I have failed. So I set a goal to dedicate one post a week to it & if I fail to do that & you don’t see a post next week, I’ll try again  next week…


  • Are you setting goals?
  • What’s one thing you haven’t been able to fit in that you know can make you feel complete again?
  • How many things can you do in one day?

On top of that we have priorities we still have somehow learn how to  balance everything in our life out…


How to Achieve Balance in Your Life:

As simple as it may seem its the hardest mind consuming thing to do.  Its easy to not try and just roll with the punches. Its harder to put in effort not knowing if you’ll succeed.

If you do it often and don’t stop you WILL SUCCEED.

Here’s how:

Fit in one thing of each area of your life. Best way to do that is to

Prioritize what is most important to you & leave the rest for your free time or days off: whether its working, going to school, taking care of your kids make yourself a schedule. Use your phone calender & schedule it during lunch time while you eat.

If you want a quick & short term result: focus on one thing only until you accomplish what you want faster.

If you want a long term result that will stick permanently in your life: make it a habit to complete one small thing daily. It requiresx patience, but the trick is consistency. 

I’m right here with you. Lets support each other!




“I’ve failed over and over again and that is why I succeed” – Michael Jordan



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