If you know your worth then go out and get it

31 May

Have you been doing things that make you feel valuable or have you been doing things that devalue your self worth?

Doing something that devalues you usually feels wrong is subconciously building a mental reference of what life represents.

The feelings you experience when you feel devalued are regret, shame, anger…Any and eveything that happens to you becomes a part of the story you tell to others.

Our enviornment and people around it shouldn’t dictate the actions we make.

Nor should we depend on others validation to convince ourselves of our value. When you put your worth dependant on other people’s opinions, you are no longer in control. You’re letting other peoples judgement and emotions choose the person you represent.

What will your story be like? It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday. It’s what you’ll do to take charge today.

Feeding your soul with positive ideas, people, and events grows your self worth.

As Orlando Perez, founder of Love Company Group,  says:  you get self worth by surround yourself around people who already have it. The reason being is that by looking at their reflection you can see the area you need to work on.

You can find people like this everywhere! You just have to pay close attention.

-Replace bad habits with new and positive ones.

-Try something you never experienced before.

-take a risk and confront your fears. Learn to be fearless!

All this will add  more value to your character.

As your gaining selfworth note to detach your ego. that this is being done for yourself and not to prove anything to anyone else.

Once you love yourself you are able to love others.

From loving others you’ll become humble, gain wisdom, and feel happy.

Once you gain self worth you’ll learn to love yourself.

Learning to love yourself comes from the feeling of accomplishment you get from improving in something daily.

-Doing cardio for 30 minutes
-Connecting & supporting your family  when they need it most
-Dedicating time to help someone else.
– making that call
-quit smoking
-stop overeating

Doing something you’be been putting off.

What have you been putting off latley that you know you should do?

Use your phone to write 2 things you’ve been putting off that you will work on today.

Gain wisdom, do what your heart says, and everythig else will fall into place.

Lifes too short to be anything but happy. Live life on your terms!



2 Responses to “If you know your worth then go out and get it”

  1. orlandorperez May 31, 2012 at 2:38 pm #

    Wonderfully executed!

    • jperez89 November 30, 2012 at 9:14 pm #

      thank you Orlando! 😉

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