What its Like to Connect with a Complete Stranger

25 May

Concept: showing love to everyone. Even if you dont know them. Its about what impact you can make not what you could get in return.

Can you walk up to a complete stanger and start a conversation?

Now, if you go thought your life not talking to new people everyday, how much missed connections and opportunities would have gone by?

Why even talk to strangers in the first place?

Well first off, we are all social and crave connection. The challange is we dont connect with people we dont know because of the fear of not knowing what could happen.

What if by talking to stanger you end up making a good friend or connection out of it? How much more value would that add to your life?

If your like me, you want to grow and connect with others. You’d like to meet others but dont know where to start or what to say.

See it this way, when you talk to a person you dont know you could talk for hours.

Where is your focus? Is it on satisfying your needs, or realy gettting to know the person?

When you get to know someone, you are giving them something you cant getback – time.

When you use that time to really connect and show that person your soul, what your made up of, most usually respond well & keep you in their life.


We all need positive people with a good heart in our lives. When others infect you with their positive mindset & compassion you become positive & compassionate as well. Then you become close to that person because of that connection. When you start to focus on that positive connection with others, you start to make an impact on their lives.

The moment you focus on what you could do for a person you dont know at all, is the moment your connected with your soul. The truly passionate loving person that has walls up for protection.

When you let go and climb over those walls, abundance and fullfillment flow through. Its not about fearing the concequence. its about leaving a mark in every persons life even if they dont show appreciation back. When you love and give with nothing in return, you become limitless! You wont even have time to focus on keeping tabs with others because you’ll be enjoying every bit that you give out.

I say if your going to live on this earth might as well make a difference.

So when you’re out this weekend having a good time with friends and family, keep in mind the less fortunate.


  • Your loose change or single dollars to highschool sports teams collecting money.
  • Give the food you’re throwing away to someone who doesnt have a home.
  • If you see someone fall help them up.
  • If you see someone lost, help guide them.
  • Compliment someone everyday.
  • Offer to share what you have with others.

I’ll continue to keep this all in mind through out the weekend and have fun doing it.

Give love & always have fun- life’s too short to be anything but happy.

Have a safe Memeorial Day weekend! 🙂


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