The Power of Thoughts

23 May

Every single step, action, decision, outcome, and destiny is a result of the seeds we plant in our minds every day. These seeds overtime get either nurtured or destroyed in the process. As the seeds grow, so does the way we see the world.

Our thoughts reflect our actions. Our actions reflect our outcomes. Our outcomes reflect our destiny.

If you spend the majority of your time thinking about how much bills you have to pay, health concerns, negative comments made by people throughout the day, or all the errands you have to run it’ll be easy to get into states of frustration, stress, anxiety, worry, etc. These feelings are a dominoe effect on your body’snervous system.

If you spend the majority of your time thinking about solutions & keeping an optimistic mindset your mind will be clear and cabable of making things work out; your body’s nervous system will be more at ease feeling peaceful, having a sense of fullfillment, happiness, and control.

I got 2 quesitons for you…

What do you find the majority of your time focusing on through out the day?

How do you feel most of the time?

If life is worth living its worth recording.

Write this down on a notebook right now. Be honest and don’t cheat yourself. If you feel negative throughout the day, aknowledgement is the first step to change. When you find yourself thinking negative, creat a new habit of using your body to direct your focus. Do opposite of what ever it you are doing. if you’re sitting thinking about these thoughts, stand up and go drink water. If you’re driving, make a call or start singing to a song.

Two rule of thumbs to live by:

Where focus goes energy flows.

Emotion comes from motion.

Start keep track of how you feel, what you accomplish, the mistakes you make. The more you write down obeservations the more you can better understand yourself, resulting in more control over your actions.

Your life, your terms- choose wisely!


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