Detox Monday

14 May

Good Morning!

As I’m having some breakfast getting ready for work I start to reflect on this week that just past. There’s always something I tell myself that makes me feel much better about any mistakes or setbacks.

“You’re past does not equal you future”.

This reminds me that it doesnt matter what was done yesterday. Today is a new day to start over, make things different. I think the main reason why people lose motivation is because they take the mistake or setback way to serious. When someone is harsh on themselves consistently, their thoughts alone can ruin momentum.

“Becarful with your thoughts for they become words; becareful with your words for they become emotions; becarfeul with your emotions for they become actions of destiny”

Most of our decisions are based on emotion, so if we expereince negative emotions of anger, regret, disapoointment not only does our nervous system react and produce stress, but it become also your reality. It important to recognize the fault think about what you could do better next time and keep moving on with the mindset of always trying to improve.

The moment anything stops, momentum is ruined. Just keep going with your goals. What ever they maybe. The setbacks and mistakes may delay you one or a few days but what counts is that you don’t stop.

Think good thoughts, and good will follow! Wishing you a very productive Monday



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